About me

Walney reptiles

You will find the latest information about us on this page. This website is constantly evolving and growing. Our goal is to provide the Uk with another place to talk about reptiles and also to purchase certain Cornsnakes. If you want to contact us, please fill in the contact form on our website. We wish you a toasty day!

My history

I started out at the age of 23, i was living with my parents and i always wanted to own a reptile, I wanted to prove to myself that i was able to look after and care for a reptile, As this was a big commitment and i was stuggling to get a reliable income of money my parents disagreed with me wanting to get a reptile, but when i got enough money to afford my first reptile i managed to get a bearded dragon (He’s called gregg)

A few months went by and by this point i did alot of research into bearded dragons and Decided i wanted to get into Cornsnakes,

So the next reptile i owned was a 7 year old female carolina cornsnake (She’s called Rexy) I purchased Rexy from a local reptile shop from a rehoming scheme, A few more months went by and i decided i wanted a second cornsnake i wanted to get a male this time so i took a trip down to The Reptile Room  and i picked a 1 year old male anery corn snake (He’s called Jarvis)

A few more weeks went by and i took another trip down to The Reptile Room and i came back with two crested geckos i named one Crestie and the other one i let my mam name she called her Puddles they both live in a Bio active 18x18x18 terrarium.