The Green Iguana Enclosure

Hello well heres the progress as of today i will try my best to keep use upto speed,
(please ignore all the mess, this will be cleaned and tidied in a few days)The big wood colored “Box” will be the Enclosure. it is 6 and a half foot by 4foot by 4foot.(the polyurethane sheed that is duck-taped to the frunt right hand side gets put accross the opening when im not working on it so the Extractor fan can put the fumes outside So i do not harm the reptiles with the Fumes. once its Dry and wiped down with water these fumes will be gone.)
I have already fitted the Humidity and temperature controller.
along with the Basking bulb. and some branches, these will be changed as and when needed!.
Now you maybe thinking why is there a wall in the bottom (see pic below)
this is because this enclosure is going to be a Bio-Active one Springtails etc…
(there will be no bugs for them to eat.)
It will have a pond area to the right with a water fall, (i will be installing a drain so when i need to change the water i can) as for ventilation there will be two or more 120mm pc fans with guards to make a breeze to help with air exchange etc… i have to add more ledges and so on for them to climb on, as they get bigger things will change to suit there waight, once they out grow this enclosure, they will have the full 16ft by 7ft shed to them selves.

you maybe thinking how im going to keep water inside a wooden Enclosure, (all the Edges have been sealed with aquarium sealant, and the inside has had 3-4 coar of G4 pond sealer dries like plastic)

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